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Dr. Garrett Rossi MD (Dr.G)

I’m on a mission to make psychiatry accessible and understandable for everyone. Through this website I will be translating the complex science of psychiatry into actionable insights. I will share the latest research in psychiatry helping viewers to better understand the complexities of the mind. 

Dr. Garrett Rossi is a recent graduate of Cooper University Hospital’s psychiatry residency. He is active on multiple projects including advocacy, clinical research, quality improvement, and medical student education. Dr. Rossi teaches, publishes, and works with both medically trained and lay communities on various topics in mental health and lifestyle medicine. His writing has been published/presented in Current Psychiatry, peer reviewed journals, national conferences, whitecoatinvestor.com, and KevinMD.com. Recently he began working on his own project Shrinks in Sneakers a blog/YouTube Channel dedicated to all things psychiatry. His areas of interest include addiction medicine, lifestyle medicine, autism spectrum disorder, paraphilic disorders, depression, CBT and anxiety disorders.

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Dr. M

Meet Dr. M

Hey guys! I’m a native Philadelphian with a commitment to community mental health, treatment of addictive disorders, women’s mental health, and access to mental health care for all. After graduating from Archbishop Ryan (go Ragdolls!), I went to Northeastern and obtained my bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. I worked in a few labs (while working at Trader Joe’s on the side), had a quarter life crisis that led to working in a jewelry store at the Jersey Shore, and eventually ended up back to school for nursing and working with patients with addictive disorders. My foray into nursing was brief and I decided to continue my education further, making a tough decision between advanced practice nursing and medicine.

Once accepted to medical school, I made my home at a beautiful school located where the Saco River meets the Atlantic Ocean. It was a wild ride and I managed a long distance marriage, pregnancy, and the birth of my daughter. I met the best people and I don’t know what I would do without the ongoing group chats with my med school friends, navigating our early careers in this crazy business of medicine. Throughout this process, I balance medicine with being outside doing activities as much as possible and spending quality time with friends and family. 

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